Innovative CodiKoat Air Purifier Reduces The Spread Of Viruses In Schools

Innovative CodiKoat Air Purifier Reduces The Spread Of Viruses In Schools

The groundbreaking new Vent-Axia PureAir Room 500 X, which is powered by the CodiKoat HEPA PLUS filter, was proven to be 99.99% effective at removing airborne pathogens and viruses within seconds, during a three month pilot at a UK secondary school.

Ahead of the return to school in January 2023, the UKHSA issued updated guidance for parents, pupils and schools amidst lingering fears over the Strep A, scarlet fever, coronavirus and winter illnesses outbreaks.

The innovative HEPA PLUS filter could now play a crucial role in helping schools combat virus outbreaks, after a hugely successful three month pilot test.

During the pilot at the Stephen Perse Senior School site in Cambridge, the air purification system was installed in classrooms, the gymnasium and the dining hall, and was operational from the start of term in September 2022.

Filter samples which were analysed in that time showed no reduction in efficacy of the system, with all filters remaining 99.9% effective at removing airborne pathogens and viruses throughout the testing period.

On the breakthrough, CodiKoat Founder Matin Mohseni said, “We are delighted to be working with the Stephen Perse Foundation to help keep their pupils and staff safe, and are thrilled to see the incredible results of this pilot in a bustling school environment. We look forward to seeing HEPA Plus deployed in schools, offices and workplaces around the world to help combat airborne virus transmission.”

Richard Girvan, Principal of the Stephen Perse Foundation, said: “We are excited to be the first school in the country to be working in partnership with CodiKoat in trialling this groundbreaking technology. CodiKoat’s innovative HEPA PLUS solution has the potential to significantly improve our ability to meaningfully reduce the risk of transmission of viruses within our schools and, in time, other schools across the UK, and beyond.

"The results of the trial phase demonstrate how impressively the technology can stand up to the requirements of the busy school environment, and it’s reassuring to know as we move through the winter season that there is a system in place working to reduce risks to our community.”

CodiKoat’s HEPA PLUS is ISO Certified to be the fasted acting antiviral/antibacterial technology of its kind in the world, killing over 99.9% of coronavirus particles within seconds of contact with the filter.

The technology, which is coated on High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filters, is formulated from a mix of organic and food grade materials. When typical HEPA filters trap virus particles, they eventually clog and become contaminated. HEPA Plus traps and kills the particles, making the filters significantly more effective and more durable.

The novel coating technology is also a huge improvement from traditional solutions which usually include silver-based protection and can take hours to display any noticeable antimicrobial action or effect.

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