The Future Of Air Filtration

Introducing CodiVent, a game changing air filtration technology that traps and kills airborne viruses


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Introducing CodiVent, the future of air filtration. CodiVent is a groundbreaking antiviral air filter that captures and destroys dangerous airborne particles such as viruses, bacteria and air pollutants.

Traps & Kills Airborne Threats

Traditional HEPA filters clog with harmful agents and become contaminated over time, eventually becoming potential hotbeds for viral activity. The CodiVent antiviral air filter traps and destroys 99.99% of dangerous air particles in seconds, including:

  • Pollutants such as NOx, SO2 and PM2.5
  • Airborne viruses including COVID-19
  • Dust particles
  • Any other harmful bacteria

Ultra Efficient Maintenance

CodiVent’s incredible performance in eradicating harmful agents leads to significantly lower maintenance resources required. There are no cleaning costs,
it consumes much less energy and is more than twice as durable as traditional
HEPA filters.






Use Cases

The CodiVent antiviral air filter can offer greatly improved protection in healthcare settings, including reducing viral transmission.

High Performance, Low Cost

The efficiency and durability of the CodiVent air filtration system means it can provide long term, high performance protection for users while simultaneously lowering the resources required for maintenance, cleaning and replacement.


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