Unrivalled Protection

The CodiKoat HEPA PLUS filter provides next-generation security by combining a medical grade H13 HEPA filter with our world-leading antiviral and antimicrobial coating.

This powerful combination utilises the efficient design and power of the HEPA filter, while drastically reducing opportunities for virus transmission or performance drop through clogging. HEPA PLUS is an advancement over traditional HEPA filters in every way.

This remarkable filter:

  • Can be retrofitted into existing HVAC systems
  • Can be integrated during the manufacturing process
  • Complies with EU regulations
  • Is available for purchase now

Fastest Protection In The World

The unique coating delivers unrivalled efficacy, trapping and killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi within seconds of contact, including coronavirus. The CodiKoat coating is independently certified to ISO 18184:2019, making it the fastest acting protection of its kind in the world. 

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Cost Effective

Advancing HEPA Technology

Traditional HEPA technologies can only trap harmful particles, eventually becoming clogged with viruses, bacteria and fungi. This build-up becomes potentially hazardous for users, as well as impacting the noise and energy efficiency of the filter.

CodiKoat HEPA PLUS remains free of particle build up, maintaining its 99.99% efficacy for the entire lifecyle of the filter. The filter remains at optimum energy and noise efficiency for longer, delivering lower maintenance costs and increased protection.

Retrofittable & Easy to Install

The CodiKoat HEPA PLUS filter can be retrofitted easily into existing HVAC systems that use HEPA technologies.

Our unique coating technology can also be sprayed directly onto existing filters, or blade coated during the manufacturing process directly onto the filter.

HEPA PLUS powers the Vent-Axia PureAir Room 500 X Air Purifier, available now. Find out more.

Complies with EU Regulations

The CodiKoat HEPA PLUS Filter is supplied from Article 95 compliant suppliers, therefore can be placed in the UK and EU markets.

Our Brochure

Find out more about the key features and uses cases in our HEPA PLUS brochure.

For technical information including case studies, technical specifications and testing data, please contact us.

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Use Cases

Crucially, this technology can be adapted to help protect any indoor environment and can be especially useful in public spaces and public transport, including planes, trains, buses and personal vehicles.

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