The Birth of CodiKoat

The Birth of CodiKoat

The months all seem to be rolling into one as the UK and the rest of the world navigate through the pandemic. Restrictions are tweaked or lifted, lockdowns come and go. The virus remains the same. It’s the only thing that doesn’t change.

The effort that businesses and individuals have made all over the world to make people feel safe has been awe-inspiring. It’s been innovation at its finest and proof that we can adapt and overcome anything. Sadly though, much like humans learn to adapt to survive, so too do viruses and the nasty bacteria that help their daily transmission.

The Birth of CodiKoat 

As the full impact of the pandemic began sweeping the world in early 2020, I wondered what could be done to help rid the world of the virus. Along with my friend and colleague Reza Saberi, we started brainstorming ideas for how antiviral materials could be used to slow transmission. 

We came up with the idea of CodiKoat. A reliable, long term, self-sanitising coating for highly touched surfaces. Now to get to work.

CodiKoat was formed in May 2020 and shortly after, we secured two sets of funding from Innovate UK worth £325k in order to develop our technology with two key functions in mind - an antiviral adhesive sheet and a facemask with the same properties.

Game changing technology

Using cutting-edge nanotechnology, our incredible team has developed a self-sanitising coating that eradicates virus particles in seconds - including COVID-19. We were able to overcome the challenges of coating different types of material, while also producing a product so durable it can last a product’s whole life cycle. Any material, any surface, anywhere.

The results have been incredible so far. But we’re not done yet.

We currently have a number of products in the development stage and are constantly working on refining and advancing the technology to make it even more efficient, even more robust.

We’re so incredibly excited to share this technology with the world and see the possibilities for its application as endless. Health, travel, retail, hospitality, entertainment, fitness venues and more would all be able to provide their patients, customers and clients with added safety and peace-of-mind. 

The world is waiting to reopen, CodiKoat can help make the grand reopening a whole lot safer.

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