Successful Royal Opera House Trials For Coronavirus-Killing Antiviral Surface Coating

Successful Royal Opera House Trials For Coronavirus-Killing Antiviral Surface Coating

We are delighted to confirm that we have successfully completed our pilot tests at the world-famous Royal Opera House in the heart of London, with incredible results.

As part of the scheme, the CodiKoat team applied our GoVirol antiviral coating  to a number of frequently touched surfaces within the venue, consistently reviewing its effectiveness over a 3 month period. 

The samples were monitored throughout the pilot testing period, measuring their ability to remove viruses and harmful bacteria from the surfaces, as well as the durability of the application. 

After 3 months, the GoVirol coated samples displayed incredible antiviral results, killing 99% of viruses within seconds of contact - including coronavirus particles. 

The samples were put to the test by venue-goers, having been touched on average over 250 times per day - amounting to over 22,000 times in total per sample, over the 3 month testing period.

Remarkably, despite undergoing rigorous cleaning regimes and the frequency of the contact, the samples were just as effective on the final day of the trial as they had been on the first.

As the world continues to do battle against the coronavirus pandemic, our coronavirus-killing antiviral solutions can serve as valuable tools for reducing viral transmission.

The outstanding performance and durability is consistent with our laboratory-based testing and helps take GoVirol one step closer to commercialisation.

The surface coating has limitless applications and can be applied to any surface or material. As proven in this trial, it could be deployed to help minimise fomite (touch) transmission in major public spaces including entertainment venues, public transport, healthcare and more. 

GoVirol has achieved ISO 21702:2019 certification, confirming its efficacy in the eradication of human coronavirus particles. To our knowledge, this certification makes it the fastest antiviral coronavirus protection of its type in the world.

The acetate-film coating has been proven to kill 90% of human coronavirus particles within 2 seconds of contact time and is over 99% effective within just 10 seconds. It offers similarly powerful protection against all other harmful microbes, bacteria and fungi.

On the completion of the pilot tests, our Founder Dr. Matin Mohseni said, “We’re incredibly proud to have completed our trial at the prestigious Royal Opera House. The results have been fantastic and it’s incredibly encouraging to see the durability in the performance of GoVirol. Our incredible team continues to work towards bringing this technology to the world and helping to battle viral transmission”.

Alongside the GoVirol coating, we are continue to develop other antiviral solutions that will help protect from harmful bacteria and viruses in years to come.

Testing continues on our antiviral face mask ViruFab, an air filtration system that destroys harmful air pollutants and viral threats (CodiVent), as well as a host of other applications for this groundbreaking tech.

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