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CodiKoat Receives Research Grant For Reusable Food Packaging Development

CodiKoat Receives Research Grant For Reusable Food Packaging Development

We're thrilled to have beaten a highly competitive field to be awarded a £330,000 UK Research and Innovation grant. The grant will fund the development of "CodiPac", our new antimicrobial reusable food packaging solution.

Incredibly, to date we have been successful in all eight grants that we have applied for from Innovate UK, with over £2.1m in grant funding received in under three years.

CodiPac will introduce our novel antimicrobial technology Cydal to the food packaging manufacturing process. Cydal is perfect for the food processing and manufacturing industries, as it is independently certified to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi on surfaces within seconds. 

Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact associated with the need for high temperature washing or chemical sterilisation for typical types of reusable food packaging. We will work with supermarkets and consumers to assess the viability of this alternative to single-use packaging.

New CodiKoat CEO Blake Gudgel said, “We are delighted to have been successful in this latest funding application to Innovate UK, who have been an essential partner to the ongoing growth and innovation at CodiKoat.

Every year, millions of tonnes of single-use plastic food packaging is produced and wasted and at CodiKoat, we want to tackle that problem head on. This grant is going to be the start of that journey”.


Supported By Innovate UK

Our latest grant success forms part of an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of plastic food packaging by the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK.

Propelled by the support of Innovate UK, we have established a world-class team and made remarkable scientific breakthroughs. Now we are close to pushing many of our antiviral technologies towards commercialisation.

The first funding application CodiKoat made to Innovate UK formed the foundation for many of our subsequent scientific developments.

Seven successful funding applications followed for a variety of purposes, as the scope and extraordinary potential of the new technology became more apparent. Funding has been received for the development and prototyping of industry-changing products including antiviral air filters, sustainable and reusable cups for events and festivals and antimicrobial face masks.

The sustained support shown by Innovate UK in CodiKoat highlights the importance and value of UK-based funding for establishing the UK as world leaders in scientific innovation.

If you would like to know more about CodiPac or any CodiKoat technology, please get in touch here.

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