CodiKoat 2022 Roadmap Projections - CFO Philip Green

CodiKoat CFO Philip Green On A Roadmap For 2022 And Beyond

Building a CodiKoat 2022 Roadmap

Settling in

It’s been a whirlwind first few months here at CodiKoat but it’s been a time I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The atmosphere is infectious (excuse the pun), with everyone pulling in the same direction. Not an easy feat to achieve as a startup.

The nerves and insecurities that can infiltrate and sometimes dampen the buzz of an early-stage business are nowhere to be found. Instead, the expertise and quality of the team on-hand mean that there is an incredible focus and efficiency for getting the right thing done.

The progress is consistent and it’s grounded in real world understanding, there’s no wasted energy - which is rare to find in most companies and the last time I experienced this was at Amazon.

Expectations for 2022

In short, expect to be surprised this year. We have built a culture that’s driven by innovation, with an incredibly talented, humble and vibrant team that’s capable of delivering on our promises.

In real terms, we’re expecting to see at least 2 new products hitting the market this year that we’re immensely excited by, as well as issue a number of patents for our other products. 

We are working with some of the leading partners and suppliers in the world to help our commercialisation efforts, and can’t wait for our technologies to be available globally through our licensing model.

We continue to work towards securing additional funding that will help us more than double our team and boost our research and development efforts in 2022 and beyond.

The outstanding foundations of our existing team, coupled with an injection of new blood will mean we’re able to push the scientific boundaries even further to help deliver on our goals of a safer, more sustainable planet for all.

Driving innovation

It’s critical for companies like CodiKoat to continue innovating, and to do that we need to ensure we are decisive and clear in our principles - valuing discovery and not being afraid to take risks. That’s where I come in.

My main objective is to do whatever I can to help the company be successful and scale rapidly. Whilst maintaining a positive culture, I’m working to build controls and plans that enable the business to accept further investment, make big bets and become a household brand name.

The opportunities are endless. Our GoVirol product, for example, has world-leading performance and quite literally limitless potential applications - so that’s where focus is needed.

By focusing on the highest impact products first, we’re able to plant the seeds that will keep driving business growth way beyond 2030. It’s easy to think that success happens overnight but the reality is about starting early, being patient and doubling down when there is traction. 

Longer term goals

One of the reasons I was so thrilled to join CodiKoat was that our values and goals aligned. Innovation, growth and working towards a safer and more sustainable future.

Through our product development we can tackle major issues:

  • Reducing single use plastics generally and specifically in healthcare settings
  • Creating safe surfaces free of pathogens and harmful bacteria
  • Reducing pressure on health systems by lowering HAIs and other avoidable infections
  • Improving living conditions by stopping mould growth in homes
  • Providing better indoor air quality by reducing airborne virus transmission, bacteria and odour

They’re ambitious targets but they align with the aspirations of this company - in fact, they’re just a few of the ways we want to deliver change. It’s hard not to get excited just looking at the list. 

It’s an easy thing to say I know, but everyone at this company is moving towards the same goal - creating meaningful products and revolutionary technology that will have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

This isn’t some greenwashing PR stunt, it’s not a sustainability bubble that will burst - we mean businesses. And we’ve got the results to prove it.

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