CodiKoat Achieve World's Fastest ISO Certification For Air Filter & Gloves Coating Technology

CodiKoat Achieve World's Fastest ISO Certification For Air Filter & Gloves Coating Technology

CodiKoat Achieve World's Fastest ISO Certification For Air Filter & Gloves Coating Technology

CodiKoat are delighted to announce that our antiviral Cydal technology which we currently use on our filters and disposable gloves has achieved ISO 18184:2019 certification, confirming its efficacy in the eradication of coronavirus and as far as we know making it the fastest acting antiviral coronavirus protection of its type in the world.

Our Cydal coated HEPA filters were proven to kill more than 99.5% of coronavirus particles within seconds of contact time.

The products underwent stringent testing at the UK's leading microbiological testing and regulatory specialist MSL solution providers, validating its efficacy against coronavirus. The coating also offers similarly powerful protection against all other harmful microbes, bacteria and fungi.

CodiKoat’s state-of-the-art Cydal technology blends organic and food grade materials to inactivate viruses and harmful particles within seconds of contact. This development is a significant improvement to traditional technologies, including silver- based protection, which take hours to display a noticeable antimicrobial action or effect.

The applications for this potentially lifesaving technology are endless. The technology can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces and material, whether it’s hard or soft, rough or smooth. This application can take place retrospectively using products such as air filters, disposable gloves, wound dressings, face masks and plastic packaging.

The technology will have the most impact when deployed on surfaces that experience high levels of exposure with viruses and bacteria. Uses could vary from healthcare, retail, hospitality, shared devices and more.

Successful partnerships and pilot schemes are already underway with partners including VOLUTION a FTSE 250 Company, UNIGLOVES and The Stephen Perse School Foundation in Cambridge. We are also in detailed talks with some of the largest glove manufacturers in the World with the view to conclude very lucrative licensing deals 

On the achievement, our Founder Dr. Reza Saberi said, “The results of the tests carried out by the UKAS accredited testing agency are indeed fantastic, showing more than 99.5% of coronavirus reduction within seconds. We believe we are the only company in the world to have been able to establish this amount of efficacy within such small time scales and we can now take this technology into commercialisation with full speed. We believe the introduction of this technology will be a massive game changer in the air purification market and an impactful step toward a cleaner and safer environment.

Alongside antiviral coated HEPA filters, we are continuing to develop a range of antiviral solutions that will help protect from harmful bacteria and viruses in years to come. We have developed antimicrobial disposable gloves that kill viruses and bacteria within seconds of contact which is the only way to avoid cross contamination. We are also continuing to develop CodiPlast, a novel wound dressing product that rapidly destroys bacteria and prevents biofilm formation to accelerate wound healing process. 


About the ISO 18184:2019 Certification

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is a network of the world's leading standardisers. Through its members, the ISO brings together experts from all over the world to develop International Standards.

ISO 18184:2019 is an internationally recognised standard for  Determination of antiviral activity of textile products and other water absorbent surfaces.

Alternatively feel free to contact us to discuss our groundbreaking antiviral solutions here.

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