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  • Industries that can do more

    Industries that can do more

    The coronavirus pandemic brought with it a heightened awareness of the everyday risks of infection and of viral transmission. The rollout of vaccination programmes will hopefully minimise the future impact that coronavirus has globally, but the general public are more aware of threat than ever before.
  • The Birth of CodiKoat

    The Birth of CodiKoat

    The months all seem to be rolling into one as the UK and the rest of the world navigate through the pandemic. Restrictions are tweaked or lifted, lockdowns come and go. The virus remains the same. It’s the only thing that doesn’t change.
  • CodiKoat secures funding

    CodiKoat secures funding

    CodiKoat are thrilled to announce that we have received significant funding from GreenBank Capital Inc., SFC Capital and angel investors to the sum of $1.2m at a $15m valuation. Our patented technology eradicates particles of the COVID-19 virus ("Covid") and any of its mutations, together with any other existing and novel viruses that could emerge in the future.